(left to right: Simeon Atanasov: accordion, Zahir Ramadanov: trumpet,  Pero Teodosijev: keyboard
Eljam Rasidov: drums Sami-Buco Zekirovski: clarinet.)


ANSAMBL TEODOSIJEVSKI is an internationally acclaimed group of Romani musicians from the Former Yugslav Republic of Mecedonia.  They have played in over 30 countries, produced over 20 albums, and won the 1st world Festival of Romani Music in India. The Ansambl Teodosijevski tours with Esma Redzepova commonly referred to as "Queen of the Gypsies".

The Ansambl Teodosijevski are:

Accordianist SIMEON ATANASOV, born in Kocani, eastern Macedonia, in 1976, is from the seventh generation of students of the music-performance school of Stevo Teodosievski.  He has participated in many tours throughout Europe, America, and Australia.  As a composer/arranger, he won a prize for his song "Caje, Caje" at Shutkafest 1993.  He also participated in the two big European tours
organized by Magneten.  Simeon is  also an accomplished player of

tarabuka (Macedonian hand drum).

Trumpeter ZAHIR RAMADANOV, also born in Kocani, joined the Teodosievski school when he was eight years old. Zahir has been described by a New York teacher of trumpet as the best trumpet player he has ever heard, including Wynton Marsalis.

ELJAM RASHIDOV plays the tarabuka, tapan (Macedonian two-headed bass drum), and drum set. Also born in Kocani,he joined the Teodosievski school when he was nine years old.

PETAR "PERO" TEODOSIJEV, also born in Kocani, is of the second generation of students of the music-performance school of Stevo Teodosievski, beginning in the 1965/66 school year.  He has
been on many of the Ensemble's concert tours throughout Europe, America. and Australia. He has composed over 40 pieces for nearly 25 LP and single-play recordings--appearing on these recordings on his true instrument, the accordian.

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